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9 mai 2021 7 09 /05 /mai /2021 19:32

Berlin is a beautiful city : Berlin anë aben dzal 

This is Dresden : Dresde nyo

Mr. Joseph lives in Munich : Nti Yosep a_nning a Munich

Hamburg is located on a mountain : Hambourg anë a_nko ayob

Ms. Isabelle is talking on the phone to Cologne : Nga Isabelle a köbo a_nkol aï Cologne

Kreuzberg is a place in Berlin where people who like to dance live : Kreuzberg anë hom bod bading abok ba_ning

A person who lives in Berlin is a Berliner : A mod a_ning a_ngola Berlin anë Berliner

Mister Emmanuel, go to Düsseldorf in Germany : Nti Emmanuel, kële woe a Düsseldorf a_nnam Geman.


Children, come here and see this horse : Boanga, subugu mu, zäane yen ekabeli

Single women, come quickly, you will listen to the advice of the master : Nköe Bininga, zäane avol avogolö melëbëga eyegelë

Stand up when you meet a boss : Tëbëgë ayon wä_yen ndzoë. / Tëbëgë ayon wä_yen nkukuma

Over there is Nuremberg : Hala anë Nuremberg

This is Bremen, this is Hanover : Brëme nyö, Hanovre nyöli

There's Leipzig, there's Karlsruhe : Leipzig nyölo, Karlsruhe nyöli

Matthieu and Alexis are here, Nicolas and Pierre are there : Matthieu banë alexis benë ha, Nicolas banë Pietrus benë woe

Antoine is nervous and Christian is nice : Anton anë melina aï Christian anë osësä

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